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Welcome to the All Animals in Distress website

It is dedicated to all people worldwide that are concerned with the health and welfare of all animals. There is a links directory of worldwide sites, a Virtual Postoffice where you can send Ecards, Memorial Pages where you can leave a tribute to a pet who has passed away, I will be providing a message board where you can leave tips or ask questions.
There are animals worldwide that need the care and attention of rescue centres and welfare societies. If you know of any rescue centre or welfare society, then please contact me at with the information about them and I will add them to the Links Directory.
This site was originally the site of Animals in Distress, but after my having provided the site and hosting totally free of charge to the charity for fifteen years, they decided they no longer wanted a free site and have paid someone to design a new site for them.

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Interesting Animal Articles

Animal Friends - Pet Insurance

Practical Horsemanship is a collaboration between Dan Wilson and Grant Bazin, who have been involved with horses their whole lives. The methods they utilise are those of non-violence and using the horses own inbuilt body language to establish clear boundaries, allowing them to train horses in a calmer and safer way.

Stable Environment Limited
a company that cares about animals and the environment

We now have a Virtual Post office where you can send and receive free electronic greetings cards.

MindValley Labs Internet Marketing Course.
The site for everything dog - Web Directory

Visit the popular free UK pet community forum at where you can get free advice for all pet issues from many of our knowledgeable dog and cat experts and meet new friends who love all types of pets.

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Domain Name Registration

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Manchester Radio Online

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