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You may choose any of the following text or banner links, or you can use your own ideas.  Please click on the link at least once as it will show up in my stats and I will try to add every site I see in my stats within twenty four hours.
You will need to fill out the form at the end of the links, so I will know what title, description, category, you want for your link in the directory.
To change your URL in the directory you will need to delete your old listing and add All Animals in Distress.  I will update this directory every day and I will send you an Email once I get your link added/updated.
I will only add Breeder links if they also rescue.


Due to excesive bandwidth theft because of unauthorised linking to images we have had to stop direct image linking, any image linked direct to this site will not display.
For the banner link below PLEASE COPY the banner to your hard drive and change YOUR_IMAGE_LOCATION in the code to the location you have saved the banner image to.

Remember to save the graphic to your own Hard Drive, upload to your server and then alter the HTML code to reflect the new location of the graphic.

Please read our
Privacy Policy before completing this form.
Please Complete The Form and send it to us.

Please DO NOT use the Enter key whilst entering data.

Sorry but any request for a non-animal related link will be ignored, this is for Animal Sites only.
Sites that place a link back to All Animals in Distress will be placed higher in the directory than those who don't link back.

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