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Break Out of Frames

Our friends no longer with us.

Boxy the Jack Russel
Memorial Candle
1983 - Boxer - 2000

Remembering our Boxy one in a million,
more than a pet a best friend,
a companion of early life and later years,
a confidant of whispered troubles
and a warm body to hold.
You took our hearts with you Boxy and our love.
Ian Stewart and family. North Wales.

Crystal-Queen B
Memorial Candle
To My Dear Crystal...

You were the beat of my heart. I miss you every breath I take and pray that we will play ball again some day in heaven..
Please look for me!! What a wonderful creature you were..
You will always have my heart!
Crystal sadly passed on September 30, 2000.

Memorial Candle

I will love you forever. There could never be another dog like you.
I look at your photograph every day, and wish you were still here.
I can not forget helping you to die,
and how serenely you acted in those final hours.
I miss you. I hope there is a heaven.

Memorial Candle
Beloved Horse of Crystal and her Mom
Bailey even though your gone I will always remember your big sweet face and the way you always lightened up my day. You are truly missed and still loved. We miss you so much but just know this.
You will always live on in my heart.

Memorial Candle
In loving memory of our little Coco

Born May 27 2000. Coco was taken from us on January 26th 2001.
She was only 8 months old when God decided he needed a playmate. She will never be forgotten by anyone who knew her. She was loved so much and her passing is truly a tragedy

Memorial Candle
2000 - Beauty and Sissy - 2001

My beloved cat babies. Beauty and Sissy died 2 weeks apart at only 11 months old. Please rest in peace with the knowledge that you are dearly loved.
My heart is an open wound, I know it will heal with time, but know this my babies you will live in that heart forever.
Love Mommy and Tessa

Memorial Candle
Chicklit & Sqeaky -- August 2nd to October 31st 2000

My beloved two chickens. I loved you oh so much. I remember when I got you and sqeaky wouldn't be quiet. I thought it was annoying at the time but now it was the most touching thing of my life.
Chicklit was my other chicken, he was sqeaky's brother. I loved you both and you both loved me. I never went trick or treating but the day I did you both died. I cried for two months but I learned to keep it inside. I still remember when you would follow me all over the house as if I was your mother.
I taught you every thing you knew so you could teach other animals in heaven.
Love your mother, Kristen.

Memorial Candle
Apple... my companion

Growing up, I dreamed of having a horse just like you. You were a dream come true... and well worth waiting for! I'll miss you more than I can put into words. Thank you for all of the sunset rides and alfalfa kisses. Until we meet in heaven to ride into a silver sunset together...
Marcie (Don, Jennifer, Heather and Amanda)

Memorial Candle
April 15th 1990 - Bryan - August 3rd 2000

Memorials as much as ever and loved as much as ever too. Our special little puss. Mammies, Uncle and Ebony.
Rest In Peace until we meet again

Memorial Candle
May 1st 1987 - Bunny - July 11th 2001

Bunny you were my life, without you my world has stopped turning.
I had to make the hardest decision ever when I let you go.
We will meet at the rainbow bridge it wont be long keep strong my baby.
You were and are still the most beautiful horse in the world a picture that is with me everyday. I will see you soon and together we will be free as the lord intended.
Love your mummy.

Memorial Candle
1984 - Bungle - August 1996

Bungle you were very special to me, and I loved you.

Memorial Candle
April 17th 1986 - Cuddles - September 10th 2001

Cuddles you were the best cat in the world.
You communicated with us and you loved us as much as we loved you - you gave us so much joy and your memory will always be with us.
We love you always and forever.
Love Mum Dad, Colin & Alison.

Memorial Candle
March 13th 1991 - Boomer - January 11th 2002

We will miss you always, you have a special place in our hearts.
We are thankful for the time we were able to share with you.
We love you!

Memorial Candle
1989 - Clown - January 27th 2002

Gone but never to be forgotten is Clown.
Beloved companion ( who appeared to the world as a Tortie cat) to Bill and Carol for many very enjoyable years.
May her new resting place give her as much comfort and love as she gave us.

Memorial Candle
April 23rd 2001 - Bibs "Big Boy" Sasse - January 30th 2002

Bibs, You were a great first pet! I never thought I could love an animal the way I loved you. I will miss your fluff, and your huge heart. I will always carry a picture in my heart of you allowing the babies to snuggle up against you, and nap with you. Holding you in my bib overalls when you were a baby, and how you went from Bibs to Big Boy so quickly. You were so special. I love you, and will see you one day at Rainbow Bridge.
Love Susie, Erik, Philip, Erin, Vivian and Gabi.

Memorial Candle
October 17th 1973 - Cindy - May 2nd 1981

I had you from when I was 5 until I was 13. You were the best friend ever, I pushed you in my dolls pram and you let me.
You always protected me until the day you escaped and that car came along. I just want to let you know that 21 years later you are still my best friend...I still love and miss you and always will...
See you again one day. I love you xxx

Memorial Candle
June 24th 1982 - Candy - August 1994

I miss you baby every single day and wish we could have stayed together longer. I love you always...
Miss your cuddles so much, see you in heaven one day.
Love you xxx.

Memorial Candle
Barney - July 19th 2002

Barney... Life will never be the same again now you're gone. You were my best friend ever. I'll love you always.
I pray one day we'll meet again. Goodbye old friend.

Memorial Candle
September 13th 2000 - Casper - July 22th 2002
October 29 1999 - Tu-Tu - July 22 2002

Casper and Tu so sorry I had to go away for the day, Don and Glenna didn't know that the neighbour lady would poison you with antifreeze even though you two were fenced and never got out of our two fenced acres, guess we didn't think that people were so cruel as to take the lives of our pets in
Tutor Key Ky on Baker ranch.
I wish I had been there to help with the pain, but you died bravely alone with no one to hear your cries. I will never forgive these people for such a cruel act, and pray God punishes them.
But Casper and Tu I hope you are in a better world where people love animals and understand a dogs trusting nature
Goodbye my loves - Your family.

Memorial Candle
April 4th 1999 - BamBam - November 2nd 2002

I want to say I miss BamBam so very much. He brought great joy into my life.
After we found him again on the seventeenth of October BamBam lived two more weeks but he was also suffering. Now I know his suffering is over and he is an angel at peace. This will be our first Christmas apart but his memory will live on....
I miss you and love you very much. You will not be forgotten.

Memorial Candle
October 4th 1981 - Caryle - March 7th 2000

Caryle was a kitten I rescued and he grew to be my best friend. I had him for 19 years, but the time seems all too short.
I miss him and the unique way he nuzzled me and let me know that everything was alright. I feel that I was lucky to have had him in my life.

Memorial Candle
January 4th 1987 - Brandy - January 28th 2003

Brandy you had a kind heart, a gentle soul and you always lit up my life.
I love you more than words can express, thank you for being my best friend no matter what.
I'll carry you in my heart until we meet again.
Peace & love forever.

Waiting for picture
Memorial Candle
April 15th 1989 - Buddy - February 19th 2003

For my son BUDDY, who brought Love and Happiness to our family and everyone he met. I LOVE you BUDDY and you shall FOREVER be in my Heart and Mind.
Thank you for being you, with your happy personality and the LOVE you showered upon me and your brother BEAR, for the good times we had in Frazer Park on the mountains.
You are now in Doggy Heaven and a much better place than here on earth. Nothing can hurt you any more because you are in the arms of God and his Angels.
You were my Angel and I can't wait until the day we are re-united. May God Bless and Keep you.
All our LOVE FOREVER ... Dad & Bear.

Memorial Candle
April 1st 2000 - Bramble - April 18th 2003

Bramble you were my beautiful, black, 3 yr old bunny. I am so sorry I couldn't make you better and I really miss you.
You were so much more than just a pet, you made me laugh with your daft antics and you were there when I was ill.
You shouldn't have died but at least you're not hurting any more.
I love you baby!!!

Number One Hamster
Memorial Candle
September 2000 - Blondie - January 2003

I loved you so much little girlie and I still do,
just because I've got Treacle now, I'm not replacing you.
Love Mammy

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Champ - October 11th 2003

I can't believe you are gone, it all happened so fast and our time together was so short....but you made the past 6 months so special. I'll never forget your unique meow and that special look in your eyes.
I miss you buddy so much....
I love you and will never forget you!

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Bill - July 9th 2003

Remembering Bill - not everyone loved him; he was not always an easy Cat to get on with, but I loved him, and he loved me.

Memorial Candle
October 10th 2002 - Cheese & Crackers - November 1st 2003

Today I lost you my dear friend. You were my first cat. I still can't believe how big you had gotten, the runt of the litter they had said! All big, covered in white and orange. And the kids wanted to name you cheese and crackers, and it just stuck.
Oh I am going to miss you so bad. Jessica is very upset about this. I know your with Nilabean, and Lucky right now playing and having fun.
Cheese, who is going to sleep with me at night? Who is going to drop on his back and make me rub his tummy first thing in the morning?? Funny I am sitting here and feel alone, because you would be sitting by the keyboard looking at me type.
I hope you are happy there and I hope I see you again. I promise to take care of your baby Tiger Lilly......
I love you cheese and crackers.....

Memorial Candle
December ? 1994 - Cosmo - January 7th 2004

I miss you baby dog! You are my heart.
Love you always, Momma!!

Memorial Candle
January ? 2003 - Beckham - January 15th 2004

Dear Beckham you were the best hamster, I loved you lots.
I hope you are not in pain or ill anymore we miss you lots.
I hope you like the other animals there and you make friends.
I hope you enjoy rainbow bridge.

Memorial Candle
February ? 1992 - Banjo - February 28th 2003

Goodbye my mate Always in my heart. Miss you very much

Memorial Candle
August 5th 2000 - Clarence - September 7th 2004

Clarence was named after Clarence Clemons, for some reason the name just suited him.
We got him from a rescue centre, he hadn't been mistreated but had grown too large for the little girl who previously owned him. Clarence was a real character, whoever heard of a bunny who slept on his back with his feet in the air? He would jump around the cage all excited when we came home and he would do anything for a piece of toast or a nibble at a pizza.
Clarence had an on going health problem which the vet just couldn't get to the bottom of, but it wasn't life threatening, it was kept under control with a lot of love and attention.
His death was so quick and unexpected but we will never ever forget him. Sleep tight 'Big man'.
Love Mummy, Daddy and Keiferxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Chloe - September 14th 2004

My precious little girl.
The reactions I got from people about having a rat came to me as no surprise. If they only knew what an amazing and sweet little girl you were. I didn't have you long enough, but now I know you are at peace and aren't sick anymore.
The girls and I miss you very much.

Memorial Candle
October ? 1988 - Brook (Brookie) - October 14th 2004

Miss you Brookie. Accidently killed. He was such a character. Always anxious to please. Loveable and friendly.
Scruffy as they come!! Leaves a huge void as he passed only recently. God Bless Brookie.

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Babs - September 15th 2004

To my beloved little Babs you were a rat in a million I love you now and forever and will miss you always.
You were there for me when no one else was my precious baby and you will remain in my heart till we are reunited again in a better place just like the day we met x x x
Rest in peace my little darling, my special friend x x x

Memorial Candle
June ? 2001 - Charlie (Brookie) - March 5th 2005

Our beautiful cat Charlie was unfortunately killed by a car on the 5.3.05 , he would have been 4 in June and we thought we would have many more years with him. I now realise that he was a gift who brought so much joy into our lives and is missed to an extent that I would not have imagined. The house and surrounding garden are empty at the moment and yet I see him every where. I long to give him a cuddle and hear his cat flap click with a unique 'miaw' from the bottom of the stairs when he came in that always meant where are you? I am back!! I miss his very playfull nature and his greeting when I came in from a busy day at work, which always meant 'you are home now and I am pleased to see you'. I have to stop myself from shouting 'Charlie' when I come through the door, as he is not there to hear me
The last thing I heard from him was a click as the catflap closed on Saturday morning and I just thought there goes Charlie out on another adventure he will be back later, I am now trying to come to terms with the fact that he is gone and will never be coming home.
Please if you own a cat give it an extra cuddle from me and never forget what a gift you have.

Memorial Candle
February 1, 1987 - Cookie - January 02, 2005

Cookie (My Cookie-bears) sat next to me all curled up like a ball every day! Cookie was a beautiful Calico, who had a wonderful 17 years with me and my beloved wife Sandy.
Cookie's brother Kashmir, will miss her so, until they are joined together on Rainbow Bridge. Cookie is now in my Sandy's arms again and is purring with no more kidney problems.
Cookie-bears, I will miss you so but we will be together again one day. Thank you for all the memories and a great 17 years.
Love, daddy

Memorial Candle
January 8th 1991 - Cassie - March 4th 2005

Still missing the Best Friend I ever had
Think of you each day ...

love always Mummy x x x

Memorial Candle
August 30th 1992 - Bronco - September 7th 2005

May my very best friend rest in peace and know how much he will be missed.
He fulfilled every second of my life and I will never forget him.
I will always remember the joy and happiness he brought to my life. He had so much strength and so much courage and I am very lucky to have had him in my life for 13 years.

Loving and missing you Bronco

Cynthia Elizabeth
Memorial Candle
Unknown 2003 - Cynthia Elizabeth - September 9th 2005

Cynthia, Mom and Andrew miss you.
You were the sweetest bunny girl. I loved watching tv with you and laying down with you at night. We are so sorry, you should have been with us for many more years.
I know that the rainbow bridge is a brighter place today because you are there. I hope to be reunited with you some day.
You are very much loved and my heart is so sad, my precious girl. Even though Daddy called you a rat with fur, he loved you, too!

Love,   Barb, Andrew, Jim, Kellie and Bradley

Memorial Candle
January 18th 1995 - Bo - September 23rd 2005

Cancer took my beautiful Rottie, but now she is in heaven where she can play and never hurt!!

I love you forever my baby girl!!

Memorial Candle
August 31st 1992 - Benji - July 12th 2005

My Benji was a very special little guy, all I lived for, and the gap he has left in my life is so huge its unbearable.
He was a little Yorkshire Terrier with a very big heart.
Love and miss you for ever Benji.
Till we meet again have a big sleep baby

love mummy x x x

Memorial Candle
October 2004 - Bonus - February 11th 2006

Bye Bye Bonus. Hope you have A bigger and better cage up there. Dont be winding Tyson up too much! Missing u with all our hearts.
Kelly, Jason, Molly and Daisy.
P.S. Say hi to ty's for us.

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Belle - October 24th 2005
You are Memorials and you will never be forgotten.
x Vikki x

Memorial Candle
October 2004 - Bonus - February 11th 2006

Bye Bye Bonus. Hope you have A bigger and better cage up there. Dont be winding Tyson up too much! Missing u with all our hearts.
Kelly, Jason, Molly and Daisy.
P.S. Say hi to ty's for us.

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Casey - October 14th 2009
Casey was adopted by me from A.I.D. on 06/11/1996 and, sadly, passed away on in my arms. He loved his life and was a real King of the jungle out here in Anglesey where he moved to with me in 2004. His love will live forever in mt heart and his memory is being preserved by my new cat pal, Lucy who I adopted a few days ago. Goodbye, Casey, I love you and always will.

Memorial Candle
May 23th 1997 - Bonnie - November 13th 2012

Today we lost our dearest dog Bonnie, and a light has gone from our lives. You were our very own 'Laughing Gravy', with your beautiful big brown eyes and your happy, smiley face.
You brought so much joy and love into our lives, and our hearts hurt at losing you. We'll see you soon beautiful, bouncy Bonnie.
In the meantime, enjoy being back with your Mum, Sheba, and your daughter, Sable.
Until we meet again, all our love from your special Mummy Jo, Elaine & Mike, Gary & Donna, and Cassie and the cats. Rest In Peace beautiful girl. xxxxx


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