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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Memorial Candle
Dimatus you will never be forgotten.

I love you and always will!
Rest in peace.
Love Ashlie.

Memorial Candle
In memory of "Donavan". Memorials by his mommy and daddy:

Dear Donavan, 5 short months were all that we had with you.
We can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, but until then, you will live forever in our hearts. We loved you so much and still do! Please be waiting for us when we arrive at the Rainbow Bridge someday.
Love forever and ever, Mommy and Daddy (Raelyn and Robert Connor)

Memorial Candle
Dart (D'Artagnon).

My beautiful, noble horse. What I did for you was the hardest choice, but I know you are in green pastures now under sunny skies. Never forget you. Momma Loves You!
Love from Karin, also Mark, Fella, Daisy and your best friend Silver.XXXXX

Memorial Candle
August 10th 1960 - Drambouie Gentle Spirit - May 2nd 2001

Like a ship passing in the night,
He was LRC's Shining Knight.
Taught so many how to love,
We know he is in peace up above.
We will mourn his passing as all of us do,
But will always remember the horse we called Boo.

Memorial Candle
July 1987 - Dusty - April 7th 2001

Dusty you were more than a pet, you were like a best friend, always there waiting for us when we had gone out, it was like you could understand us.
You will always be in our hearts, but we know you are in a better place now, wait with Emily until we come.
Love Mum, Dad, Katie, Jemma and Josh.

Memorial Candle

Sheba, Bear, Cinder, Angel and my little FUR BABIES Pepper, JR, Pepsi and Bumbee. I will love and remember you always.
You are always with me in my heart and that is where you will stay until we meet in heaven.
Love MOM and Love GRANDMOM. Always.

Memorial Candle
January 9th 1988 - Dinkey - July 27th 2001

To the best little dog ever: You were our very best friend always. Your presence made our lives better.
Thank you so much for being a joy and remaing so strong.
We're proud of you and miss you every day.

Memorial Candle
December 11th 1987 - Dash - March 6th 2002

So gentle loving and loved.
Our baby, friend and constant companion.
The world is sadder now for having lost you.
We will miss you always.
Sue, Geoff and Scott (Swinton).

Memorial Candle
April 1985 - Darcy - March 11th 2002

Darcy, my Doberdog: You were my companion, my friend, my sweetie pie; you were my responsibility and you were my PRIVILEGE.
The paw prints you left on my heart will never be forgotten. You were a good dog.
(P.S. I spread your ashes at the park, sprinkling just a little bit at the spot where you scared Governor George W. Bush on Christmas morning, 1999. If he ever comes that way again....)

Memorial Candle
December 1976 - FLUFFY - December 25th 1991

You are loved and missed every single day, I think about you all the time.
I wish you were still here with us my beloved ginger cat.
You were such a beautiful girl, life has never been the same without you.
I wish I could see you one last time, but until then,
God bless you my darling. XXXXXXXXXX. Love from Lesley & family.

Memorial Candle
October 1st 1999 - Flower - October 22nd 2001

To our sweet little budgie Flower.
We are so sorry to lose you and will miss you greatly,
Peter your mate misses you terribly as do we.
Nicolle and us will love you forever, may you fly high and free forever.
All our love Nicolle, Lisa, Colin and the pets xxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
September 1st 1986 - Dinks - September 9th 2002

Goodbye our darling Dinks, you have gone to join your brother Wiffy and sister Gertie in doggy heaven.
You made it to sixteen but sadly you needed to go. We are glad we were with you at the end and happy you went peacefully.
You were a lovely girl and you always listened to us, you kept us warm and you kept your brothers Buzzy and Ziggy in line. We are so glad that you had a great adventure before you went, you will always live on with love and fondness old girl. We will never forget you Dinky, your brothers will miss you too.
Sleep peacefully darling. Goodbye. You are missed so much already. Have fun with the others.
Love Mummies, Buzzy and Ziggy. xxxx

Memorial Candle
Felix, Bryan, Kitty, Bert and Alice

All of you were special individuals, we loved and treasured you and although other cats now share our home none of you will ever be forgotten,
Goodnight Darlings wait with Nana until we all meet again, kisses, cuddles and butties until then.
Love from your mammies xxxxx

Memorial Candle
June 3rd - Fluffy - Unknown

My Dear Fluffy,
you were always there for me and I miss you. I will always remember you and you will always be in my heart.
I love you fluffy and I will never ever forget you. ^.^

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Dorris - December 10th 2000

To my darling pet rat Dorris who was such a good friend to me in times of sadness and happiness you brought me through my baby.
I love you now and forever and your loving happy memories will remain with me till I join you in that better place x x x
Rest in peace my precious baby x x x

Dolly Boots
Memorial Candle
Unknown 1992 - Dolly Boots - April 6th 2004

Dolly, you were a wee legend, and when you got killed on the road that day a light went out of our lives.
We got sympathy cards and plants from friends and neighbours and a lovely small rhododendron bush that flowered on the 1st anniversary of your death.
We miss you so much and if there's any justice in the world, we WILL meet again someday.
Love from the lady and the man that you adopted xxxxxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Ellie - August 14th 2006

Goodbye Little Love.
We have lost a loving spirit.
We will miss you always.
Mam, Dad, Nuala, Fleur, Abby, Molly and Ben.

Memorial Candle
October 1998 - Felix & Sylvester - February 2007

Our 2 beautiful boys, Felix and Sylvester, who were brothers who were never apart during their lives, and are now together in death. Felix died in November 2006, and Sylvester died in February 2007. They just couldn't bear to be parted.
We loved them both so much, and our house is so quiet now, without the 2 lovely big bouncy black and white boys. They were so funny and playful and loving. They are together now and for always, and we know that we will be with them again one day.
Until then boys, sleep well. We love you both always.
All our love, Mum Dad Gary and Jo, Bonnie Sable Tilly and Poppyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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These candles will burn forever in their memory.
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Goodbye, Dear Friend:
Coming to Terms with the Death of a Pet
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