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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Holly, a Blue Cream Persian
Memorial Candle
Born June 12th 1986 - Died August 25th 2000
A gentle loving spirit who will be forever with us.
Gerald, Denise, sister Poppy and all the family.

Memorial Candle
Born April 21st 1987 - Died November 11th 2002
Our world is dimmer now.
You were the light of our lives.
Your love and affection kept us going.
Safe now with Holly.
Gerald, Denise and Family.


Memorial Candle

A 14 year old yorkshire terrier, she passed away earlier this month.
She will be missed a great deal by my mum Valerie, my brother Iian and myself.
We will never forget you Gizmo and what you meant to dad and ourselves.

Ginny, Cuddles2 and Rosie
Memorial Candle
Ginny (smooth haired silver) Died September 2000 aged 5
Cuddles2 (brown and white) Died September 2000 aged 4

We will sadly miss them both an awful lot, we loved them dearly
and hope they are in a much better place now.
Lisa Colin and Nicolle. Swinton, Manchester.

Memorial Candle
In Memory of Geisha
Our beloved 10 month old Japanese Chin
Your loving devoted short life was taken away from us by your vet during a routine spaying. You suffered a needless death when suturing your uterus she also sutured your mesenteric artery and you became septic and poisoned to death.
You will always be in our hearts May you rest in peace. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make this vet pay.
We love you and miss you terribly. Love Mom, Dad, Matt, Jenn, Danielle, and especially your loving companion Suki.

Memorial Candle
Gingerbread May 3rd 1983 - January 20th 2001

My beloved Russian Blue angel...
I miss you so much already. You will always be my best friend, and I know we will meet again in heaven someday. You were and are my precious angel sent to me from heaven above. I love you.
Love, Mama

Memorial Candle
He came into our lives as suddenly as he left,
leaving his footprints forever in our hearts !

Memorial Candle

You were my sunshine, my angel, my protector, the strength I needed when I was alone. There will never be another animal like you. You had your own way of speaking to me and I know you always listened. You made me so happy and proud to have had a beautiful girl like you.    I will never forget you.. not ever..

Memorial Candle
1986 - Goldie - December 21st 2000

Goldie was with me all my life, she saw me as soon as my mum brought me home from the hospital.
Ever since she has been like a sister to me and losing her is like losing one of my close relatives. I don't know how I'll cope without her.
Hope your happy Golds!!! all my love Kym.
Dear Goldie, I hope you are happy up there with poppy (grandad.) smiling down and watching me grow older. I'm 13 now, I still look at your picture everyday and carry it around with me everywhere.
You were a wonderful dog and I don't know what I'll do without you. I still cry about you and can't wait to see you in heaven.
I love you, Kym and family.

Young Gonzo
Old Gonzo
Memorial Candle

Gonzo was his mum's little shadow, following her wherever she went. He gave her seventeen years of love and loyalty. She will never forget his jaunty little walk and loving, gentle little kisses. He demanded nothing but gave so much. In youth and in old age you were truly a friend. You will always be missed, my little man.

Memorial Candle
Heather - March 20th 2002

The sweetest rabbit I have known. You came to us with your companion Lilac who is missing you greatly, the garden seems so empty without you there.
The girls came to us after spending their first two years of life in a laboratory.
Three years later after lots of TLC they had recovered, except the worst nightmare happened and my poor Heather's body just couldn't cope anymore.
Darling, I will never forget you and the love you showed me back. I promise to look after Lilac and never let her be lonely.
Rest in peace my baby. From Sarah XXXX.


Memorial Candle
October 31st 1988 - Heidi - May 11th 2002

Heidi's sister Hilda, and her friend, Penny, miss her very much, and so do I. She was a fat little Doxie who liked to eat. She died of heart failure.


Memorial Candle
Itsy Bitsy Insy

The day I got you was a pleasure to my life. I loved you to the pound. I never shall forget you & your precious family.
So, I dearly say Good -Bye.

Memorial Candle
November 18th 1989 - Garfield - July 11th 2003

I will miss you so much.
You have been there when I needed a friend, even though you're gone I still feel that you're there.
I love you my friend and always know that your always in my heart.

Memorial Candle
1996 - Harry - October 23rd 2003

I miss my Harry so much. Just a little fur ball who liked to play and meow in the middle of the night. Always ready to meet you at the door and always ready for love and pets before anything else.
Harry was the best little cat and I miss her so!!!!

Memorial Candle
December 1st 1991 - Holly - November 20th 2003

In memory of our wonderful loving friend Holly who died today. We are so sad that you have gone from us and know that we will always miss you. We hope to see you again some day. Love you for ever.
Mum and Dad, Ian, David and Stewart

Memorial Candle
May 17th 1985 - Homer & Bart - February 11th 2004

Gone but never forgotten. My two amazing budgies!
Your memory will live on forever in my heart.
I'll always love you guys!
xxxxxxx Steve.

Memorial Candle
July 9th 1994 - Little Howser Wowser - March 18th 2004

We miss you so much! You definitely left your paw prints on our hearts.
We will never forget you. And when there is a squirrel around, we will make sure to think of you.
We love you so much!
Mommy, Daddy, Jason, Amber, Grandma Dixie,
Aunt Caryn, Uncle Rick, Olivia, Doogie, Daisy, and Oliver

Memorial Candle
Unknown - George - November 29Animals in DistressAll Animals in DistressAnimals in Distress many years ago and came to live with us.
He was knocked down and dumped at the side of the road in Burnage and nobody claimed him.
Despite having two metal plates and nine bolts in his leg and shoulder, he lived a very spoilt life.
He was the best dog anybody could ever have.
My dad always said he thought George had been on this planet before as he was nearly human.

Memorial Candle
July 9th 2004 - Hope - July 23rd 2007

In loving memory of our wee Princess Hope.
You gave us three years of fun and laughter, tears and tantrums, then you left us so suddenly.
We will miss you very very much.
Sleep tight little lady.
With all our love, Mummy, Daddy,
Keifer and Alfie xxxxxxxxxx


candle candle in stand candle

These candles will burn forever in their memory.
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Goodbye, Dear Friend:
Coming to Terms with the Death of a Pet
The Heart That Is Loved Never Forgets
Recovering from Loss
When Humans and Animals Lose Their Companions

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