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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Memorial Candle
In Memory of Lucky
You were my best friend, someone had dumped you out here in the country when you were just a pup. I found you, took you in and loved you like you were my own little boy.
I am sorry you missed Christmas with me and my daughters. And you didn't get to see your stocking with bones, but you will have plenty of bones where you are now.
I am in search of words that can help with the pain that I am feeling. You were taken from me, Toni, Jennie and Priscilla this Christmas Morning of 2000. I will always love you and I will always need you.
My Dear Sweet Lucky. May God Rest Your Soul. --- Tami

Memorial Candle

My beloved Great Dane, my companion of fourteen years.
Much missed and will never be forgotten.

Mrs Sue Davies

Memorial Candle
For Kitkat xxxxxxx
Taken after such a short time, but we will remember you and love you forever.
Lisa and Jonathan xx

Memorial Candle
September 16th 1986 - Kali - July 26th 2001

My Kali, my best friend, my treasure, I miss you and will always love you...
Although your purring is getting further away from me, I will never forget that beautiful sound.
In our hearts forever. Love Mommy and the boys.

Memorial Candle

I rescued you from a farm after being born wild.
You was so loving and clever, you were the sweetest thing.
I tried to get you help but by the time they decided to do something it was too late for you. (I'm sorry Joe)
I know in the 5 months you lived you were happy and well cared for.
We all miss you but now theres no pain for you.

Miss Lucy
Memorial Candle
September 6th 1989 - Lucy - October 2001

To Miss Lucy Cat,
Thanks for all the happy times, and being the best cat ever.
Love and miss you, Mum, Dad, other Mum and Amy

Memorial Candle
June 2000 - Jake - December 18th 2002
In loving memory of Jake.

We miss you very greatly, you will always be in our hearts with all our love.
Joanna, Jonathan, Liam and your bunny friend Bella xxxxx.


Memorial Candle
June 22nd 1996 - Kajari - December 11th 2001

The happy bark, the welcome dance, the wagging tail will all be sorely missed. With you gone, the house seems lonely and quiet.
You are Missed by all including your friends, Casper, Spooky and Crazy

Memorial Candle
Little Stray - May 5th 2002

My little stray cat - I only knew you for 10 days. You and I - meeting at the dumpster. You - waiting for me every night - Dinner at 8. Faithful little cat. Talker, Dancer, Cuddler, Licker. Love biter. Dirty little dump cat. I later found out you were a little girl - half Siamese. That's why you were so smart, so affectionate, so faithful. You walked with me only so far. You talked to me - wanted me to take you home. It was always so cold - you shivered so. I put a red collar and tag on you, my phone number. Oh God, the Fates! Then on Sunday morning May 5th (I never called you in the morning) - I wanted to find you, know where I could find you in the daytime to take you to my vet. - adopt you into my warm home. Sunday morning - 9AM - I called you "Kitty, kitty, kitty". On the other side of the thick fence, screeching tires. But I thought "Stupid people, road rage". I never thought it was YOU! 8PM - that night. I call you - you don't come. How can it be? I spend 5 hours every day looking for you. Why aren't people calling me? The tag has my phone number! Thursday - I see a road crew across our 5-lane street. Have they seen my cat? I walk to the curb. A red collar catches my eye - and the golden tag. "Oh no!" I cry. I pick it up and it is mangled. I look on the street. Blood. The road crew comforts me. I call the Humane Society. Yes - they picked up a dead cat on the street on Sunday morning. It was killed at 9AM. I screamed. I at once knew. The cat - sleeping in a beautiful meadow across the street, heard me call - and true to me - was running to be with me. And this little stray cat died trying to come to my arms. I had waited too long to take you home, little cat. I loved you. I loved you. --Your human who held you in warm loving arms in your last days.
Patty Smith.

Memorial Candle
May 1994 - Jasper - 2001

My Sweet little Jabber bean, it's been a year since we lost you and I still remember the day like it was yesterday, I still wish there was more I could have done, But your happy and free of your arthritis now. I only hope you know how happy you made for the brief month we had you.
We have another beautiful girl but she'll never take your place. I still miss you very much every day. Even though you were sick you were so happy and loving and I only hope you are having the time of your life at the bridge. You can run now and enjoy all the sniffs your nose can handle :)
Daddy and I miss you so much and we love you always and forever till we see you again our angel boy my little jabber bean.

Kelly with her pup Mortisha
Memorial Candle
1988 - Kelly - March 6th 2000

You had a damaged eye when you found us and unfortunately ended up blind. But that didn't stop you finding sticks, swimming in the sea and doing all the other doggy things you enjoyed.
You were the most beautiful, gentle natured dog and touched the hearts of all those around you. The best companion in the world. Your pup (now 10 years) has inherited all your wonderful traits.
Thankyou for coming to stay and for giving us all those wonderful memories. Letting you go was the hardest decision ever but true to form you told us it was the right one to make. You are missed so much.
May you rest in peace old girl. Lots of love always,
Richard, Gail and Mortisha (your old pup) x x x

Memorial Candle
October 23rd 1984 -Jackson - October 9th 2002

Memorials our beloved dog Jackson.
Loyal and faithful for 17 years.

Memorial Candle
Rescued 1993 - Levi - November 19th 2002
Levi was a dog that brought a smile and warmed the hearts of everyone who met him. He got cancer in his lower jaw and had it removed but unfortunatly it returned and the vet could do nothing more.
Levi you will always be missed greatly, we all love you and are happy for the happy 9 years which we spent together.. Forever friends..........
Love Dom, Jean and Bernard xxx

Lit Bit
Memorial Candle
July 2002 - Lil Bit - February 4th 2003

My precious Lil Bit, how I miss you. You showed up on my doorstep and I fell in love with you. I only had you for 6 months but you brought a world of love to me.
I will forever miss you and will see you again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you, Mommy, HoneyB, Dakota and Kitty Thomas.

Memorial Candle
Rescued 2001 - Kat - May 9th 2003

Kat was a beautiful, gentle and sweet little cat we found as a stray.
After nursing her back to health we had nearly two wonderful years with her until she passed away from cancer.

We miss her dreadfully and she will never be forgotten.

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Jona - January 23rd 2003

My beautiful boy Jona - you came to me from the Cats Protection League only 20 months before. They told me you were only 3 - I think perhaps you were more like 10.
I went away for Christmas and came back and you couldn't stand up - after many tests I found out you had a huge tumour in your spinal cord - you came home for a week and we said goodbye with lots of tears, cuddles and treats - It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
I'll never forget you. You were a huge cuddly cat and I miss you trying to steal my food or batting me on the face for attention.
I'll love you always - we'll meet again some day in heaven.
Good night lovely.
Your mum Allie

London the cat
Memorial Candle
February 28th 1995 - London - January 20th 2004

London was one of the most special cats. He was just so happy and laid back.
He loved every person he met (well, he was unsure of kids) and was ready to befriend any cat, too.
He loved to snuggle with me as often as he could and would run to greet me at the door whenever I came home.
His death was sudden and he is very missed.

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Jo Jo - April 14th 2004

We do not know your birth date
You came to us so late
But we've had the last three lovely years
When we took away your doubts and fears
Left outside in all kinds of weather thinking will I be fed today
Your life changed overnight when welcomed in by May
Three years of love, three years of care
Three years of always being there
You lay down in your favourite spot
The budgie within your sight
You closed your eyes content at peace
Sleep well Dear Jo Jo, Good Night.

We will all remember you with love
May, Bernard, Monty the dog and budgie

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Lucky - August 11th 2004

You came to me as a stray last November when I was in need. You learned what it was like to be loved, homed, keep warm and fed daily.
You gave me 6 beautiful kittens. You died a true heroine defending me from a savage dog.

I love you, I miss you. God Bless.

Memorial Candle
1997 - Luke - October 31st 2004

Luke we will miss you so much and we will always remember you. You will be in our hearts forever.
We are sorry you had to go but we will ALWAYS remember the fun you gave us and the good times that we had together.
You will always be my baby Lukey and I love you and miss you so much.
Luke was hit by a car that ended his poor little life.
Love, Mommy

Memorial Candle
1995 - LB - December 9th 2004

Hey little were our little angel and our sunshine...We know that you have gone to a much better place..
We will miss you terribly..A real fighter, but we knew you were so very tired fell asleep today nine years old...didn't you do well..
You will always have a place in our hearts..miss you so much..goodbye honeybun.. love you sweetpea...
All our love mum & dad

Waiting for picture
Memorial Candle
1994 - James - March 21th 2005
We all miss you so much Jim.
He was the most loving friend a bloke could have.
James was the most handsome flatcoat that ever lived.
God bless you Jim.
dad and mom

Memorial Candle
November 28th 1998 - Jackie - March 08th 2005
Jackie had a habit of running out the door when it was left opened, so I always made sure to close it behind me or hook the screen door. That morning I said good-bye, "Iíll give you a bath when I get home", rubbed her belly and left to work. An hour later, I received a phone call from my sister that changed my life and broke my heart. Jackie was hit by a car and killed that morning in front of my house while I was at work. She had run out the door when my mom went outside to get something. I left work and drove home as fast as I could to see my little one and to make sure that she was really gone, that there was nothing more I could do. Her little head was severely crushed, I broke down in tears seeing her lying there knowing that I didnít get to say good-bye and that I Love her very much.
We buried her with her brush to keep her hair nice and pretty and with one of her toys to keep her company. We shared 6 Ĺ wonderful years together. She was very loving and friendly always wagging her tail when she was with me. She had a great big heart and those who knew her best will miss her. My little one was a great part of my family she was my baby. My mom used to say that all she needed to do was talk. I miss her so much; I don't know how I am going to get through this without her. Every time I was crying, she would jump on top of me if I was lying on the bed or she would try to get under my arm if I was sitting and try to dry my tears away by licking my face. She was always waiting for me at the door when I came home and she was always sleeping next to me on my bed.
Please say a little prayer for my little one and reassure her that she will always be in my heart. She has gone to doggy heaven where she can have unlimited doggy biscuits and her favorite food, chicken bones. Where she can run and play in the green grass and meet other dogs she can be friends with, and one day I will pick her up and we will go home together. I love you very much Baby.
We love you and miss you Jackie.

Love your,
Mommy Nery, Grandma, Vane, Joey, Dimi and Cookie

Memorial Candle
1997 - Kim - January 9th 2007
It broke our hearts to let you go but we knew we had no choice, we could not let you suffer, you meant too much to us.

Our Tiz and Tat were not too sure when at first you came to stay but it didn't take them long to love you now they're sad you have gone away.
Goodbye darling Kim.
From your loving family
Dad Mike, Mum Sarah, Tizzy and Tatty.


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