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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Memorial Candle
Oakley - April 10th 2001.

To my sweet, sweet Oakley. You will always be in our hearts, you were a loyal, faithful friend, and protector. I can't imagine life without you. We loved you so much, I know you knew that. I think my heart is broken forever. You were always so happy and had such a sweet, tender heart. When we were sad, you hugged up to us, when we were sick, you layed next to us and didn't move until we were well. You brought us so much happiness and laughter, you would look at us with those big bright eyes, and we knew you were a true gift from God. It is so hard to get up without you being right in my face with your tail wagging while you held your tennis ball. I know I will see you in Heaven, but my earthly life will never be the same without you. I love you with all of my heart, we all do, and you will always be a part of us. I miss you terribly.
God Bless You my sweet little Oakley.

Memorial Candle
1996 - Molly - 2001

Just turned five and the short length of time I spent with her were some of the greatest years of my life.
Molly was diagnosed with a bad lung a year ago October. The vet wasn't sure that she would make it as long as she did, but she did, and I am glad I could spend this past year with her.
This past weekend Molly stopped eating, and slowly she showed me signs that it was time for her to go. I knew she would show me when it was time, and she did. It was still hard, but I know she was suffering and I did what was best.
I am going to miss her so much. She was only five and that made things even harder on me. At least now I know she is at peace, and I will never forget the five terrific years we spent together.
"Molly, you will always be my beautiful Angel"
Love, Alissa

Memorial Candle
Max and Missy

My darlings everyday, every hour, every minute my heart aches for you. I know what we did was right but being left behind has been so hard. I'll see you someday soon and we can share an ice cream cone in heaven, just like on earth.
I love you, Mama.

Memorial Candle
unknown...he was a stray - Norton - September 06 2001

Norton, you are really missed! Your antics and personality will never be forgotten.
We tried so hard to get your Diabetes under control, but it got the best of you.
You will live forever in our memories.
Love always, Nancy & Ed.

Max Wuxp'n
Memorial Candle
October 4th 1986 - Max Wuxp'n Keller - November 23rd 2002
God will watch over you now and there will be no more pain. You have been a very good and strong kitty - the best kitty in the world! We'll miss your motor, "Handsome"!
You're still our baby boy and we will always love you! Your little sister misses you already! We're still looking around for you!
All our love always - Mama & Papa


Memorial Candle
September 3rd 1994 - Oso Pfat Neff - December 28th 2002
My dear little boy. I truly wish we had more time together, but we shared a lifetime of fun. I will never forget my friend who brought to crystal clarity the old saying "mans best friend". Your heart was pure, so I know you and your spirit are in good hands.
You are missed terribly little boy.

Memorial Candle
September 19th 1986 - Mikey - January 23rd 2003

Mikey was one of the happiest cats around. The only things that phased him would be car rides, the vet's office, and the vacuum.
When he was first brought home, the dogs and the other cat, my beloved Ande, didn't scare him and he made himself right at home.
My fuzzy bathrobe became a second mommy to him. He was crazy for turkey! He was such a great boy!

Memorial Candle
May 2nd 2001 - Marvin - September 10th 2003

Marvin the hamster was given to my Dad from me and my sister on father's day 2001. He was a lively, cheeky pest who kept my Dad awake until the early hours having his late night exercise.
Summer 2003 has been particulary hot, and we had noticed a slight decline in his health. However, having survived the summer, I guess it had been too much for him.
Sadly, he passed away in his sleep on 10th September 2003. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

Memorial Candle
February 12th 1989 - Max - September 13th 2003

Your bright eyes no longer burn but your memory and the love you left behind will burn forever in my heart.

Memorial Candle
September ? 1995 - Mutley - January 22nd 2004

Mutley was loved very very much and has left us all feeling very empty. There could never be another Mutley he was the best. Will carry his memory forever.
Love you Mutley

Memorial Candle
December ? 1989 - Midge - April 11th 2004

In memory of Midge my 14 year old Yorkie MY best friend.
I had you from being 4 months old and where ever l went you followed...the days you spent at the stables were happy times....I can't believe you have gone..... leaving your footprints forever in my heart.
Sue, Nikki and Abi

Kitten Molly
Memorial Candle
April 1st 2004 - Molly - May 18th 2004
In Memory of Molly
I got you to help me get over the sad loss of Midge my beloved Yorkie, you were only 7 weeks old, and here you are joining him.....
So Sad without you both

Cockateil Nelson
Memorial Candle
Unknown - Nelson - October 2nd 2005
My little Nelly passed away tonight at 19.25, we had been together for sixteen years, the first time I saw him was in a pet shop on his own while all the other birds were together, the pet shop owner said he was unsociable, but he just needed love and attention.
He had been with me through all our ups and downs, the past couple of days I could see he was getting weary and the strain of living just became too much for him, then he made his way to rainbow bridge.
Goodbye Nelly, I love you.

Memorial Candle
February 1995 - Maggie - June 5th 2006
Maggie, you were such a happy, affectionate little soul. Your passing has left a gaping hole in the lives of those who loved you very much.
You were such a part of our family that life seems a little emptier now you are gone. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
Rest in peace little friend.

Memorial Candle
1998 - Maggie - April 11th 2007
To my very special girl, who I miss already.
You are the most magic bunny I have ever had and will miss you pinching my chocolate and donuts.
Thank you for being such a special girl.
Goodbye Maggie Moo xxx

Memorial Candle
November 1st 1997 - Max - April 29th 2013
Dear Max we were privileged to have adopted you and have you in our family. We all miss and love you.
Yvette, Colin, Suzanne & Jacqueline and your companion Shadow


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These candles will burn forever in their memory.
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Goodbye, Dear Friend:
Coming to Terms with the Death of a Pet
The Heart That Is Loved Never Forgets
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When Humans and Animals Lose Their Companions

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