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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Memorial Candle
1981 - September 4th 2000
My loving gentle friend who will be missed always.

Memorial Candle

You dear parakeet, you were very brave and strong.
I miss how you chirped for food, how you spreaded dirt on me.
Yep you were the best... And let God bless you with hope...
Love... Your family and mommy chirp chirp(Betsy)

Memorial Candle
Poppy - Died April 19th 2001

Suddenly - aged nine.
You will never leave our hearts.

Memorial Candle
April 1988 - Precious - March 8th 2002

Precious, that is exactly what you are. There aren't enough words to say how much I miss you. A part of me left with you my baby. You were so loving and kind. Please wait for me in Heaven.
I love you so very much Mama's baby and will always miss you and think of you every day.
Love, Mommy

Memorial Candle
December 24 1986 - Precious - June 25 2002

Precious- you were always my little runaway dog. I can't wait to chase you in Heaven. I love you and miss you dearly.
I search the house everyday looking for you.
May you rest in peace with your mom and sister. One day we'll all be together again.
Thanks for 15 1/2 years. What I wouldn't give to hold you one more time. I'll love you forever my little friend.

Memorial Candle
January 4th 2000 - Precious - Died November 11th 2002

Precious was my best friend who went everywhere with me, from California to Texas and back again.
She had a short life, but touched many peoples lives. I miss her so much, its almost like loseing a child. She will always be my baby girl.
I love you Precious!!

Memorial Candle
Pickle - February 27th 2003
Memorial to Pickle
With all our love,
Your family Liz and Tony, Newby and Google, XXX
Pickle died suddenly of a heart attack on Thursday morning, 27th February 2003

Memorial Candle
August 1988 - Pippa - April 30th 2003

She was dearly loved and will be dearly missed. Thank you for all the joy you have shared with us in the past 17 years. You will be greatly missed but massively appreciated. We will be thankfull always and pray for the best.
Goodbye Pippa.
Lots of love
Your family

Memorial Candle

Rest in peace sweet boy.
I know we will meet again. Good-bye for now.
You were a great friend and a very handsome cat.

Memorial Candle
To my beloved Rufus today 13th January 2001
You were taken to the vets never to return, I am so sorry I miss and love you.
I had a wonderful 11 years with you and the sadness in my heart is overwhelming, your daddy loves you and hopes he did the right thing for you, it would have been selfish of us to keep you suffering alive longer.
Rufus was our loving wonderful child, an 11 year old kind gentle beautiful rottweiler. He had diabetes and could no longer get up. If I could have taken your pain I would have.
I love and miss you, I hope the pain goes away, but my beautiful memories of you never will. I will see your beautiful face one day until then I love you. I'm so sorry Rufus.
Your mommy and daddy love you.

Memorial Candle
January 1999 - RATTY - July 11th 2001

It has only been a very short time since I let you go to sleep, it was such a hard thing to have to let you go, but you are at rest now.
Id never had a pet rat before and I remember looking through your cage and thinking "what do I do with you then?" But by the end of that day I knew I loved you.
You were such a lovely girl Ratty, I just hope it gets easier as the days go by. I will never forget you, sleep tight my baby.
XXXXXXXXXX Love from Lesley & Simon.

Memorial Candle
A poem for Reno it's called
Rainbow Bridge
Reno - May 21st 2001

We love our dog Reno, he was always there when we were down, now that he is gone me miss him so much, we realize that we should have done more with him and what we forgot to do with him but now that he is gone we realize most of all that we should have paid much more attention to him than we did. We were always so busy to slow down and take a minute to play with him or pet him. But now that its too late we're all really sorry that we didn't spend much time with him in the nine years that we had him.
We all really loved him very much and its too bad that we didn't realize that he was old and didn't have much time left, or else we would have loved him even more those last few days than we did the whole nine years we had him. He was the best and most beautiful dog that we have ever seen.
IN LOVING MEMORY OF RENO, WE LOVE YOU RENO! Love Jenna Kim Andre and his brother Brewster

Memorial Candle
April 17th 1996 - Rosie - August 26th 2001

Our beloved Rosie who died of Cancer, we will never forget her, she was so sweet, gentle and loving.
We will love and miss her always. Sleep in peace darling Rosie.
Lots of Love and Kisses from Mummy and Daddy
and your Real Mummy Sukey. XXX

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Rose - April 9th 2000

Her name is Rose (Cat). She passed away when she was only 4-5. We got her at the SPCA. She passed away because she had this thick liquid every were in her body.
We still think of you Rose

Memorial Candle
May 6th 1990 - Rosie - November 18th 2003

To Rosie, my little ginger girl, who died peacefully on 18/11/2003 after sharing 13 wonderful years with me.
You were the sweetest, loveliest little cat I have ever known, and I will miss you forever.
I know that you will be happy now, with Sheba again, and out of your pain, but I wish we could have had longer. I will never forget you, and know that I will see you again one day.
We all miss you, and love you very much. sleep peacefully my lovely, till we are all together again. all our love forever.

From Mummy, Daddy, Gary, Joanne, Sylvia, Felix, Bonnie and Sable.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
July 23rd 1987 - Popcorn - September 23rd 2003

You will never be forgotten, Corn.
Love you always, mum, dad, Helen and Amelia xxx

Memorial Candle
1990 - Pepper - September 1997

The friendliest Guinea Pig in the world, and the greatest first pet a little girl could have.
I will always remember playing with you out in our back yard. You lived a long life for a Guinea Pig, 7 years.
I'm glad that I had the chance to know you, sweetie.

Memorial Candle
1989 - Ricky - July 13th 2004

My beautiful Ricky.
He came to live with us as a fully grown cat, great personality attacking everyone who was in and came to visit the household. Kidney failure took him so quick, how I miss my big boy.
You are always in our hearts, sweet dreams my handsome cat.
Love from Mum, Genevieve and Reggie the rott xxxxx

Memorial Candle
June 13th 1990 - Poppy - June 12th 2004

Mummys Angel now safe in heaven.
At last in no pain, we all miss you so very much......
You're not alone Pickle Mummys here x

Memorial Candle
July 9th 1986 - Peanut - February 2nd 2001

To my best Westie friend Peanut.
A joy and pleasure to know while you were on this earth. We think of you each and every day and always will for an eternity.
We miss you so very much and it was the hardest decision in our lives for us to let you go to heaven and be at peace with no more pain, but we felt we had no choice, you were very poorly and you were slipping away from us day by day and when I looked into your eyes, I could see that you were begging for me to let you go.
God bless and love you forever sweetheart,
Love Mum, Dad and Oliver.

Memorial Candle
November 23rd 1990 - Rascal - May 26th 2004

Rascal, our black Lab and Rottweiler mix had a good long life. He had a good home and loved to play ball.
For the past two years he was slowing down, he was tired, one day he went to sleep in one of his favorite spots by the camper in the yard, he did not wake up. The yard is not the same without him to greet us and play ball.
I miss him every day but he can now run and play ball all he wants and not get tired. He is resting in peace.
We miss and love you rascal,
your family and the cats too

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Penny - August 24th 2005

Our beautiful, more often than not scatty, always loving, would bend over backwards for a milky bone, much loved Penny.
Rescued from cruelty to get the much desreved love and affection from your new family. Thank you for 8 years of love and fun. We will remember the laughter you created and the unconditional love you gave us all.
You are now at peace and reunited with your companion, Bruno. May you rest in peace together. Both always in our hearts xxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
1997 - Reg - September 11th 2006

Ode to Reg
Reg you were rescued from the animal shelter, you came into our lives
bringing us so much happiness and delight
you were a joy right from the start
and always will share a place right in our hearts
you were known by all far and wide
for your character!!! you were as wide as the Clyde

any one who had pleasure to know you,
understands you were not a homo
you loved to wear wigs, specs and crazy fairy wings
entertaining all, that was your thing

you loved the attention, we loved you to give it
so sad is our lives now your not in it
sleep peacefully wee man
you will never be forgotten xx


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These candles will burn forever in their memory.
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Goodbye, Dear Friend:
Coming to Terms with the Death of a Pet
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When Humans and Animals Lose Their Companions

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