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Break Out of Frames
Our friends no longer with us.

Tatty R.I.P.
Memorial Candle
February 22nd 1993 - Tatty - February 16th 2010

I never wanted to be parted from you dear Tatty.
But because I loved you, I had to let you go.
Your family will miss your gentle presence, but you will always be in our hearts.

Devoted Mam Sarah, Brother Tizzy and all the family.


February 22nd 1993 - Tizzy - January 10th 2011

Get a move on brother Tizzy
I have waited far too long for you
St Peter knows the state I've been in
And has allowed me to jump the queue
To wait for you at those heavenly gates
To make sure I'm the first face you see
Your beloved brother your life long friend
Your welcoming Tatty Together at last RIP

Goodbye my darling boy
Your loving mam Sarah and Family.

Memorial Candle
Sept 1992 - SEYMOUR (CeCE Man) - Sept 2000

My sweet Seymour, you will be so greatly missed. There will never be a day I will not think about you and all the love and happiness you bought into my life.

Memorial Candle
July 1995 - Shea - Sept 1st 2000

Dearest Shea, You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.
I will cherish the day I can be with you up in heaven. I hope you are doing well.

Memorial Candle
Shady Lane Rose Born 1992 Died 27th October 2000

You were the best girldog in the world you will have a place in my Heart forever...
Bruno misses you very much. See you in Heaven special girl.
We Love You Mommy


Memorial Candle

Our beloved little bunny rabbit age unknown,
rescued from an unwanted home.
You were a darling little boy Seawin our favourite rabbit of all,
we will miss your snuffly nose and your cheeky smile.
Elfie your companion of many years misses you too.
Rest in a better place dear heart - all our love
Lisa Colin and Nicolle. Swinton, Manchester.

Memorial Candle

 Though we only knew you for less than 2 weeks we fell madly in love with you our little guy. You had such a short life but we are glad that you got to spend the end of it with us as your family were so sorry you had such a cruel start to life from that shop.
We miss you sooo much already baby
Rest in peace sweetie
All our Love Mum, Dad and Nic xxxxxxx

Memorial Candle

In Loving Memory of our dear departed loved one...Scooter.
Who brought so much joy and love into our lives.
A cat with so much personality and character.
Always there for the one she loved most, her best friend, Scott.
We love you and miss you very much

Memorial Candle
Dear Little Friend you helped me learn a lesson I'll never forget that animals are not possessions but good friends that are the best
Topsy was a gerbil who lived about 20 years ago, but has lived always in my mind and my heart.
God Bless You and keep You safe and very well have a nibble for me sweetpea.
I love you. --- Brenda Evans

Memorial Candle

I love you so much and I'm sorry if I was not there all the time for you.
I hope you are happy now and I will always miss you and love you forever.
You were the best ferret in the whole wide world.
Love always Kim.

Memorial Candle

He wasn't my pet, and he's been gone a long time, but my Aunt had to take care of him, and put him down.
His name was unknown, but the workers at the shelter called him Smokey. Smokey was left outside by his owners, as most dogs are. Two little boys, out playing, found Smokey. They thought it would be amusing to tie the puppy up. So they did. In addition, they covered his poor little body in kerosene...and lit a match. He was found by a motorist, near death. My Aunt and the others at the Spartanburg Animal Shelter wanted to save him, but they couldn't. His owners never came for him. He was put down, then buried in the pet cemetery next to the animal shelter. T-Shirts were sold to raise money for the other animals bearing the phrase, "No More Smokeys," and a picture of a little brown puppy, the way Smokey would have looked if he were okay.
You could say I am angered that those little boys were, more than likely, not punished severley enough for this, since Smokey was, "only a dog".
I just thought I would share this story and have this posted as a memorial to Smokey and hope that no other animal will have to go through that.
Thank you.

Memorial Candle
Smokey Girl and Reggie Boy
OUR Precious animals...

You both filled our hearts and were so part of our everyday life.
Smokey you left us on April 9th, 2001. Where did you go sweetheart? We had you for 2 wonderful years. You were my little girl (black cat) with an attitude.
Reggie; we adopted you on Memorial weekend 2000. Just like the song "Just one look" I knew you were ours. Such a sweet (big) guy, shy, when we adopted you.How handsome you were; sandy color; with white, part Lab/Beagle. How big you got in the next year. You slept with your daddy; even on your own pillow. You always escorted Momma to the trashcans; always at our side. Your hugs and tender kisses; will be missed. You were our sunshine, our love, our companion who could make us forget loneliness or stress; easily. Always ready with a swift wag of your tail, such a sweet tempered animal; you always had your little toy in your mouth when you greeted us. Such a sweet guy. Why my precious boy did you run out like that? Momma found your body on the road. How you broke our hearts. How we are hurting. Reggie; January 2000 to May 9th, 2001.
We Love you Both, Dave, Debbie, Justin and Brent Carter. Forever in Our Hearts

P.S. Thanks to Jimmy at Dr. Brindleys office who took care of Reggies body and gave me so much comfort. God Bless You.

Memorial Candle
Samson - July 6th 2001

Samson You lived up to your namesake--strong and gentle at the same time--our fierce protector and companion.
Your whole family will miss you from this day, July 6, 2001.
Say hi to Grandpap for us in Heaven and wait for us loyally like you always did.

Memorial Candle
1993 - Shelby - 2001

In Memory of our Golden "Shelby" who died yesterday July the 11th 2001.
What wonderful eight years we spent with her. She was a true friend.
Shelby you will be missed very much!!!! We love you girl.
Your family, Linda, Rick, Michele, Chris, Lauren, Brin and Courtney.

Memorial Candle
1986 - Squeeky - 2001
My beloved baby boy "Squeeky" was put to sleep May 22, at age 15.
You will be missed by all especially your sister "Missy", we will all miss you so much and we will remember the good times.

Memorial Candle
Toby - December 13th, 2000 We lost our dear old dog after suffering with a tumour.
Suki. - December 14th, 2000 Our beloved pony suddenly passed away.

We love you and miss you both so much, but thankfully we feel you with us and that is a comfort. I know that we shall see you again some day, and that you will be waiting there to greet us.
Until then my sweathearts XXXXX

Memorial Candle
Tasha RIP July 10th 2001

You brought such joy into all our lives, with your comical personality.
No other cat will ever come close to the place you hold in our hearts.
After 19 years your time with us has come to an end, but your memory will live with us forever.
All our love, Gina, Carl, Jeff, Shell, Suzie & Charile. xxxxxx.

Memorial Candle
1985 - Speck...I love you baby girl RIP until I see you again - July 17th 2001

You taught me a lesson that was so hard to learn, that everyone and everything has a time and turn.
You helped me understand what it means to be true, and thats why I will always love and remember you.
You were always there, you always had time to care.
I just can't get you out of my head, I just can't believe that you are dead.
I saw you everyday since I was two, you dont understand how much I miss you.
Everyday I visit your little grave, you're such a good girl, your so brave.
You did what needed to be done, through happiness, love and fun.
I remember all of the good times we had, they should make me smile and happy, but I just feel sad. I can still see you on your stair looking out the window, I can still hear your nails clicking on the hard floor.
I can still hear your collar as you would walk (which is on my wall) I can still see your little face peeking out from behind the door.
I can remember all of this and so much more.
Memories is all I have of those 15 years, that went by too fast.
Unfortunately memories are the only things that really last.
Thank you so much for all the unconditional love that you gave to me in the past.
Thank you so much for being my best friend for as long as you could, and I know that if you could live longer you would.
I can't believe that it has only been 2 days, it seems like you're so far away. In my heart you will always stay.
I know you love me, through your actions and eyes, I could easily see. Catch your sun dust baby girl, chase it all the way, you'll get it eventually someday.
Never give up no matter what. It hurts so much just to think about you, but it seems like its all I can do. Death is a part of life, but is so hard to except, expect life itself. You listened to me cry, you listened to me laugh, You watched my smile at you, not because of any reason, Just because you cared to.
My tears keep on falling, I keep on bawling.
Remember me playing the piano with you next to me? Remember "The Stars are Ours"? My picture of you is so vivid to see.
I can picture you where ever I go, How I get by my day I don't even know.
I just want to know that you're okay, and that I will see you again one day.
*~ I love you baby girl. Thank you so much for your time and patience and love. I will never forget you or stop thinking about you. Thank you for teaching me the hardest lessons that no one else could.
RIP I will see you some day I promise. - Chrissy.

Memorial Candle
Nov 1987 - Sellers - July 22nd 2001

Dear Sellers, you were our boy and we loved you very much. Hopefully you have returned to your fat and happy self. There is a big hole in my heart since you left us and I feel so lost without you. You were my sunshine and my laughter, and summer misses you so bad. I love you with all my heart and hope you come back soon to break my lap with your weight!
Stay safe until we join you, say hi to Wallace.
I miss your white paws and that big old belly. I know you didn't want to go, but I will carry you in my heart always.
We love you "chub" and always will.
Sellers, 15 years and lost without you, memories will stay. All the prawn crackers you want over there.
Love to you baby.. Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
In loving memory of my dog "Sonzar".
1985 - July 21st 2001

Rest in peace, my beloved Sonzar, for now you are no longer old nor in any pain.
My heart is bleeding, and I miss you so much. But I know with time it will heal.
Until we meet again, I love and miss you, my dear Sonzar.

Memorial Candle
October 13th 1991 - Tasha - August 31st 2001

Tasha, words can't express how empty I feel now that you are gone. My only comfort is knowing you are no longer suffering and now in the hands of God.
You had a great life and brought me and everyone else who loved you dearly so much joy. Your sweet loving ways made you such a special dog and you will never be forgotten.
We all were truly blessed to have had you in our lives. Rest in peace my little Goose!
I love you...   Mama.

Memorial Candle
1997 - Tydon - 2001

Tydon, my faithful Rottweiler, you were taken too soon at four and a half years. I will miss you always.

Memorial Candle
June 26th 1996 - Sable - July 2nd 2000

Sable you'll never be forgotten to those you made so proud, I know you're happy where you are running around!
Let the candle burn for you, you clever girl!! I will always miss you Sable.
Your forever true companion Dee xxx

Memorial Candle
Tiny - January 19th 2002

Tiny was a lovely dog, a beautiful little Chihuahua with a lovely personality.
He loved going for rides in the car and he knew when you were feeling down and would always be there nudging your arm with that look that said stroke me you know it will make you feel better!
We miss our little baby so much xxxx

Memorial Candle
1988 - Sooty - April 23rd 2002

We have had so many happy memories to treasure, no more tears.
Mike Sheila May Julie Alan Eileen

Memorial Candle
May 24th 2000 - Timone - September 14th 2002

Just five short days ago, I lost my boy Timone.
Timone was like no other cat I have ever seen. At times he seemed more human than humans; more caring and loving than I could have ever hoped for in a pet.
He very quickly stole my heart in his 2 short years of life. I am hoping against all hope that there IS a Rainbow Bridge...and he will be there waiting for me in the end. I miss him terribly, more than mere words can say. Forever in my heart,
Timone, I will always love "my baby-bunting".
Until we meet again, just know that Momma loves you. xoxo

Memorial Candle
July 1988 - Sheba - September 9th 2002

Sheba, you gave us everything, loyalty, devotion, fun, protection, and above all else, complete and unquestioning love. We miss you so much, things are never going to be the same without you. We know that we will see you again one day, and that you will never really leave us. Thank you for the privilege of sharing all those wonderful years with you. Rest, noble spirit, till we meet again.
All our love, Mike (Dad), Elaine (Mum), Jo and Gaz, and Bonnie, your adopted daughter, and Rosie, your little cat friend.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
November 21st 2001 - Smitten - November 14th 2002

I'll never forget you, you brought smiles and happiness to us everyday, always there to comfort me.
You had such a short life but I still miss you so much and I'll never stop thinking about you.
Rest in peace xxxx

Memorial Candle
October 18th 1996 - Stonkin - March 10th 2003

My dearest Stonkin. I am so sorry that I didn't stay with you until the end and that I allowed them to handle you the way they did.
I know that you were the most wonderful dog in the world and by far the best friend I have ever had.
Your behaviour was misunderstood - but you are remembered with great love.
I miss you so much and I hope and pray that you are no longer in pain or fear. L.

Memorial Candle
October 2nd 1996 - TO TO - February 14th 2003

My precious little Toddy, you brought me so much joy and happiness, I will always love you.
You will be in my heart forever.

Memorial Candle
September 9th 1988 - Sally - May 01st 2003

Our best friend and campanion we will always love and miss you.
Gill Andy and Stuart
A candle will always burn for you.

Memorial Candle
November 5th 1998 - Tilly - May 23rd 2003

I feel I have lost my shadow, my soul and my best friend!
No longer can I hold your paw - no longer can you ask for a hug.
I miss you so much my faithful friend - you will stay in my heart forever Tilly!
I hope you can play happily in heaven and dance amongst the butterflies - spread your wings my little angel! I love you!

Yours forever ..... Kim xxxxxx

Memorial Candle
January 1988 - Scampy - November 2002

I miss my little doggy playmate, each and every day,
but when the sad time comes we can play and play.
From your best friend, Ami

Memorial Candle
1999 - Sally - October 25th 2003

Sally was tragically killed by a car on Saturday 25th October 2003 at approximately 7.30 p.m.
She had been with me for 4 short but very happy years and was a lively, mischievous character, full of fun who gave me much pleasure, happiness, love and loyalty during her brief life.
It is hard to accept that she is no longer with me but I have happy memories and beautiful photographs of her and will always remember the times we had together.
Barbara Woodyatt


Memorial Candle
Unknown 2003 - Spencer "P" - December 19th 2003

Spencer "P"
You were a beautiful lop eared bunny. We were looking forward to spending a lifetime with you.
We only knew you for a short five weeks.
We will cherish each and every one of the days we had with you, my friend.
We love you and miss you.
Love,   Barb, Andrew, Jim, Kellie and Bradley.

Memorial Candle
October 13th 2003 - Sasha - December 21st 2003

To my darling puppy sasha, you were only with us a short time but we loved you so much,you were so poorly, but we know we did everything we could to try and get you well, you fought so hard, you will be forever in our thoughts, goodnight puppy.
Love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Memorial Candle
February 1st 1993 - Sam - August 19th 2003

Sam you were my best friend and the only one in life who was there for me. I miss you very very much and wish we were still together.
Christmas was not the same with out you and I can't wait to be with you again. Good night my sweet prince
I love you always. mum xxx

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Teddy - February 15th 2004

He will be greatly missed not only by me but by his daughters and all 11 guinea pigs.

Memorial Candle
September 6th 2000 - Sox - February 24th 2002

We only had a short time together, but we saw a lot in that time.
You were my rock and you will always be my special little lad.
Love you always, you are always missed, love mum xxx

Memorial Candle
Unknown - Sumo and Bliss - March 9th 2002

This is for my 2 puppies that I bred, Sumo and Bliss. They went to live with Anne, who loved them dearly. They were 2 lovely orange Roan Cocker Spaniels. They went for their daily in the woods and some very sick, nasty human being had wrapped weedkiller in a bit of meat.
Bliss and Sumo have now gone to doggy heaven, where no humans can cause pain or suffering. We will remember you forever, Bliss and Sumo........ Sumo is now reunited with his mummy, Zoe, also an orange Roan Cocker Spaniel.

Memorial Candle
March 14th 2003 - Sylvester - March 27th 2004

Words alone cannot express the big void we now have.
You were only with us for a short while but you filled us with happiness, Lucy doesn't understand, she looks for you to play but her playmate has gone. You taught her how to be a kitten and now she is lost, as we all are.
I know that time will help but the "what if's" will stay in our heads for a long time. We are so sorry Sylvester.
Sleep tight my precious one, we will have a cuddle again.
Mummy, Daddy & Lucy. xxxx

Memorial Candle
February 15th 1990 - Sam - March 4th 2004

So glad that he came into our lives for 14 memorable years. Miss you loads.
Love u 4ever. XX

Memorial Candle
1997 - Sally - August 2004

We all miss you sally our delightful german shepard, they way you played tug-of-war with us, but when grandma died you lost the will to live and passed away peacefully.
Tia, Tess and Storm, your playmates miss you and so do we. Stay happy in the pearly gates where you belong.

Kim and all the other people you touched deeply.

Tyson Mulcahy
Memorial Candle
July 1st 2004 - Tyson Mulcahy - September 11th 2005

You will always be in our hearts Tyson.
We all miss you so much. We only spent 10 months with you but it feels like a lifetime.
You will alays be our Gorgeous and we miss you.
You have a good time with blue up there.

Lots of love
Kelly, Jason, Bonus and Molly xxxx

Taz (Tazman)
Memorial Candle
March 2000 - Taz (Tazman) - March 17th 2005

Tazman you will be forever in my heart. I miss you more and more everyday. With your passing a large piece of my heart went too. You were my greatest friend and closest companion, there will never be another you.

Mommy loves you and always will.

Memorial Candle
March 2004 - Simon - December 23rd 2005

This is for Simon (a Schaunzer) who recently passed away just before Christmas...cause of death is unknown, the vet thought he might have been poisoned and no autopsy was performed so we will never know for sure!
We missed you this year at Christmas lil bud!

Love you forever, your Aunt Ann

Memorial Candle
Unknown 1997 - Sammy - November 4th 2003

My Darling Sammy, rest in peace my baby, I will love and miss you always. Until we meet again at rainbow bridge.


Memorial Candle
March 1993 - Sophie - October 10th 2005

My lovely little Sophie. You were such a gentle, sweet little cat. I loved you very much and will always miss you.

Memorial Candle
August 19 2002 - Sable - September 24th 2010




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